Inspiring Photography

I wouldn’t call myself an amateur photographer, but describing myself as a novice or “mediocre artist” has a negative connotation I don’t wish to associate myself with. I know I have a good artistic eye. I know the basic functions of a DSLR. So, let’s go with an “inspired photographer” instead. To me, this implies learning with vision– something we can all identify with.

Each year, Time releases a list of the 100 best photographs of the year. We aren’t quite there for 2018 yet, but the 2017 list compiles a a stunning portfolio of work that should be celebrated. Here are a few of my favorites.

TIME ulises ruiz basurto
Credit: Ulises Ruiz Basurto
TIME chris wattie
Credit: Chris Wattie
TIME eric thayer
Credit: Eric Thayer
TIME francesco pistilli
Credit: Francesco Pistilli
TIME phil hatcher moore
Credit: Phil Hatcher-Moore

What Excites Me

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